Restraining and Protective Orders

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Restraining Orders, Stalking Orders, No-Contact, and FAPA (Family Abuse Prevention Act) Orders are all specific types of "protective orders" issued by the court. Each type is designed to protect one person from another person in specific situations.

Protective Orders fall into one of two general categories:

  1. Where one party seeks protection from another person who has caused them harm, or they fear will cause them harm, or
  2. The court itself without a petitioning party imposes a protective no-contact order between two or more people in order to prevent possible harm or interference in connection with a court case. These are most common in domestic violence cases.

Filing a petition for a protective order can be as simple as filling out a FAPA packet available at the courthouse. If the proper "magic words" are included in that petition, a judge will likely grant a temporary restraining order (TRO) based on that packet alone. However, this is merely the first step in obtaining a permanent protective order against the other party (the respondent). Once a judge has granted the TRO and the respondent has been served a copy of the order, that person will then have an opportunity to fight or otherwise contest the restraining order.

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Many people choose to hire a lawyer in order to obtain a TRO and to then ensure the restraining order or stalking order stays in place when the abusive party contests it at hearing. A skillful restraining order lawyer will make sure the petition is properly filed and does not over or understate any allegations. This can be a critical aspect of the case at a contested hearing. For too many people include false or otherwise misleading information in their petition for a restraining order and the consequences can be disastrous. Unfortunately, many people have successfully obtained a temporary restraining order on their own only to quickly lose its protection at a contested hearing. A qualified restraining order lawyer or protective order attorney can help you obtain the protection you need.

Protective Orders are intended to only be used in limited and serious situations. At the Donahue Law Firm, our lawyers help deserving people obtain restraining, stalking, and FAPA orders in order to protect our clients from abuse and intimidation.

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Protective and Restraining Order Defense Lawyers

Unfortunately, some people abuse (no pun intended) protective orders by trying to obtain an order when it is not appropriate for the situation. This is especially common after failed dating or marriage relationships where anger and other volatile emotions run high. The motives for doing so are varied, but often are done in a vindictive effort or out of spite or anger, simply to get back at or control the other person after a "bad breakup". When this happens, the basis for obtaining a protective order is often exaggerated in the petition, or flat out false.

At the Donahue Law Firm, we've seen and defended against petitions sought for wrongful, rather than legitimate purposes. If you or someone you care about has been served with a restraining, stalking, or other protective order, we can help.

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The consequences of having a Restraining Order or FAPA imposed on you can be significant. A permanent protective order can upend a person’s divorce proceeding, wreck havoc on child visitation, flat out eliminate firearm ownership, confine your residency, and restrict your ability to travel. Consequently, whether you are seeking a protective order for yourself or defending yourself from allegations contained in a restraining order, it is always best to consider seeking the assistance of a skilled Bend restraining order attorney.

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Family. Defend Against False Accusations

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