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Personal Injury Protection disputes, or PIP benefits denial, or PIP denials, are one of the most common insurance disputes faced by people involved in auto accidents. A PIP benefits denial and the ensuing PIP dispute occurs when your own auto insurance company denies payment of your medical bills and/or wage loss benefits. Believe it or not, when you are hit by another driver, it is your insurance company that first pays your medical bills. When your insurance company stops paying, a Bend Insurance Attorney may be able to help.

Increasingly, auto insurance carriers are cutting off PIP benefits to their own insureds. Why would an insurance company deny PIP benefits to its own insured? Money. Few people ever hire an attorney to contest a PIP benefits denial. Insurance carries know this. Insurance carriers also know that very few PIP benefit denial attorneys exist. The Donahue Law Firm represents Central Oregonians in PIP benefits denial cases. Call us to see if you have a PIP benefits denial case.

You paid your policy. You deserve to get what you paid for. Your PIP benefits.

Auto Insurer cut-off Your PIP Benefits?
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PIP benefits denials most often occur following an IME. An IME is also called an “insurance medical examination”. This is an examination by a doctor at the request of your own insurance company. Generally your insurance company contracts with an agency that hired doctors specifically for this purpose. Your insurance company asks you to met with its “independent” doctor. As you might have guessed, these doctors are far from “independent”. Instead of an IME, some insurance carriers conduct a records review. In these cases, a doctor selected by your insurance company, or an outside company, reviews your medical records. In both instances, IME or records review, the purpose is to determine whether your treatment has been “reasonable and necessary”. Once an IME or records review occurs, a PIP benefits denial almost always follows.

PIP Benefits Denial Lawsuits

Concerned about your PIP benefits denial or the mounting medical bills your insurance company refuses to pay? Do you simply want to get the treatment you need? If so, call for your free consultation. The Donahue Law Firm understands PIP benefits denial cases. We file, and we win lawsuits against insurance companies for PIP benefits denials. If the firm takes your case, you won’t pay a dime for our representation—the insurance company will.

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