Carving pumpkins is one of the most celebratory autumn things you can do as a family. Year after year, your kids will come back to you aiming to do it again. However, the best way to carve pumpkins is to do it safely with precaution to avoid any trips to the ER this Halloween. Here are some helpful tips for family-friendly pumpkin carving.

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Keep Your Family Safe While Carving Pumpkins

Picking the Right Pumpkin

Help your child pick out a pumpkin that sits evenly and has a flat, large surface for carving. By having a sturdy pumpkin, the base will be less prone of rolling around. A large pumpkin will allow more space for holding while you carve.

Knowing the Age Limit for Carving

If your kids are too young to do the actual carving, allow them to pick out the pattern that they want. While you are carving for them, set them up with some smaller pumpkins to decorate with markets, glue, pompoms, glitter and the like. This will keep them occupied while you are working with the sharp objects.

Steady Movements

Whether you or your child is doing the actual carving, work slow and steady. Know what you are carving before you insert your tool into the pumpkin. Be sure to cut away from your body and keep your hand out of the way to avoid accidents.

Using Proper Tools

A pumpkin carving kit that you can get from the store or your local pumpkin patch is standard pumpkin practice! However, for the initial cutting of the top of the pumpkin, be sure to use a sharp kitchen knife, and immediately after your first cuts, get it out of the way. The small tools that are designed for pumpkin carving will more easily help you and your family control the small cuts.

After you are done carving your pumpkin, have your child turn on an LED candle to proudly set in the center of the pumpkin. Set it on your front porch and then enjoy some freshly baked seeds (alongside your favorite Halloween candy!) This Halloween, Play Hard, Play Safe!

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