We’ve talked about ways to avoid DUI’s during the holidays in the past, but let’s take a little bit of time for a refresher. The holiday season, more specifically, the time of year during Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is when arrests for driving under the influence are the highest. While many may not be visiting friend’s houses and the local bars this season, it doesn’t mean that drunk drivers will not be on road. The holiday season usually brings an increase in social binge drinking, and with that, an increase in DUIs. With the holidays approaching us, the opportunity to be arrested for a DUI is upon us as well, which means that planning ahead and using the following tips to avoid drunk driving is especially important. 

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Don’t Drink and Drive

The best way to avoid a DUI is to not put yourself in the situation that allows it to happen. This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you are walking towards the door with your car keys in hand and are thinking that maybe you shouldn’t be driving yourself home, then don’t. You are not only putting yourself at harm, you are putting others at risk as well. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be over the “legal limit” to get arrested for a DUI, simply “being affected” by alcohol and driving is enough to be arrested. 

In Oregon, driving under the influence of intoxicants, or DUII, charges are not taken lightly. They are treated as a criminal offense and can have devastating repercussions. A person may be charged with a DUII in our state by having a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater (or .04% or greater for CDL drivers, or any percent for those under the legal drinking age). 

Choose a Designated Driver

If you are planning on drinking, then bring along a buddy that is reliable and will commit to staying sober for the night. Make sure that they won’t cave in to the peer pressure of drinking and will remain sober so you can both get home safely. If your designated driver ends up having a few drinks, play it safe and get a ride home in a taxi or a ridesharing service.  

Be Smart About Drinking

Whether you plan on driving or not, drinking smart could make all the difference. One of the worst mistakes you could make is drinking on an empty stomach. If you are going out to drink, the best thing you could do is take care of yourself by enjoying the party snacks that are available and be sure to put some food in your system before you grab your first drink. It is also a good idea to keep nibbling between drinks as a way to slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol. 

Slow Your Roll

Don’t rely on the “one drink an hour” motto because every body reacts to alcohol differently and drinking one drink per hour won’t work for everyone. For some people, one drink could be absorbed and eliminated from the system in one hour, where in another body, it will stay and add up as they keep drinking. The way alcohol is metabolized is a very complex process and varies significantly based on a driver’s gender, weight, and the amount of water and food in their system. 

If you want to consume your alcohol drinks more responsibly, be sure to stay hydrated between drinks. Drink a full glass of water and wait a while before you have your next drink. There is no need to rush your drinks because you will always have the opportunity to drink, and it’s not worth risking your life, your license, and your freedom.

Stay Home

If you are wanting a drink after a long week, then why not buy the ingredients to make yourself a drink at home? This not only prevents you from drinking and driving, but it also helps you avoid the costly prices of buying drinks at bars or restaurants. Plus, now is the best time to stay home anyway, so now you have a handful of excuses not to meet your friends out for drinks. 

Offer Guests a Place to Sleep

If you are the one hosting the get-together, then offer your guests a place to sleep, or at least invite them to spend the night if they are not in the best place to drive. For those who are heading out when the night is over, make sure that they leave with a sober driver. It may also help to stop serving alcohol or put the alcohol away an hour to two before your get-together is supposed to end to make sure that no one decides to have another quick drink before they hit the road. 

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