Have you been arrested for a DUI or DUII charge here in Bend or Deschutes County, Oregon?

If you are facing DUI or DUII in Central Oregon, then you know that you don’t have to be “drunk” to be arrested for drunk driving. If you are considered “impaired” based on field sobriety cues alone (such as bloodshot or watery eyes, or nystagmus), you can get arrested — regardless of whether you were drunk or not.

Sadly, due to fear, discouragement, and a lack of knowledge, a large number of accused citizens will plead guilty to their DUI or DUII offense. That is precisely what our team of attorneys at Donahue Law Firm is here to combat. Let us partner with you to protect your rights, your record, your driver’s license, and your peace of mind. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has the knowledge and experience to guide you through this overwhelming legal process. You can put your complete trust in our DUI services.

With our experience and knowledge, we can assess the evidence and work to fight and/or reverse the charges you are facing. We’ll work with you to determine the best plan of action to obtain a favorable outcome. Give us a call to get an initial consultation for your DUI or DUII charge.

Feel free to learn more about DUI or DUII charges in the frequently asked questions section below, and continue reading to learn about the benefits of hiring a lawyer while facing a DUI or DUII charge.