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Oregon law captures a broad range of conduct that qualifies as sex crimes, including Rape, Sodomy, Unlawful Sexual Penetration, and Sexual Abuse in any degree, crimes involving luring or contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, and offenses relating to the production, dissemination, duplication, or possession of child pornography, among others.

The overwhelming majority of Oregon sex crimes are classified as felonies, some of which carry mandatory minimum prison sentences under Ballot Measure 11.  Additional statutory provisions under Oregon law may trigger presumptive life sentences depending upon other factors.  Lesser or reduced charges can result in probationary sentences where a long course of treatment and supervised probation will likely be ordered, and with the possibility of a local jail sentence.

Additionally, nearly all Oregon sex crimes carry sex offender registration requirements upon conviction.  The path to relief from registration can be long and overwhelmingly difficult.

Bend Sex Crimes Lawyers

Your Best Sex Crimes Defense

Zealous advocacy from start to finish. That, and nothing else, is your best sex crimes defense.  That means retaining a sex crimes lawyer at the first sign of an investigation, or contact from law enforcement. Whether you or a loved one is facing sex crimes charges, or an investigation, a successful defense requires a swift, yet comprehensive and personalized approach.  Our sex crimes attorneys possess a unique expertise in defending against sex crimes, which enables us to protect you, and your reputation, in and out of the courtroom.

With so much is on the line, Donahue Law Firm clients put their faith in us because we provide the most effective and aggressive defense possible.  That includes:

  • Challenging and limiting the evidence presented against you on both a factual, and legal, basis through litigating strategic motions, utilizing expert testimony to rebut claims by State experts, and impeaching State witnesses with relevant impeachment evidence.
  • Utilizing careful and pragmatic investigators to conduct a thorough, and fair, investigation to admit evidence that contradicts and discredits the State’s case. This includes using pretrial subpoenas and protective orders to obtain the most favorable evidence that can be used in your defense.
  • Aggressively litigating motions to protect you from the State attempting to introduce evidence of prior crimes, wrongs, or acts, or other harmful evidence.
  • Using highly respected digital forensics experts to challenge and exclude any evidence seized from a computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • Our extensive courtroom experience, and trial success, allows us to use pointed cross-examination techniques to challenge and undermine witnesses who testify against you, including so called State “expert” witnesses.
  • Compassionately and patiently counseling you on all aspects of your case, and effectively communicating with you throughout your case so you can rest assured your rights are protected.

Sex Crimes Mitigation & Compelling Negotiation

Effective advocates demonstrate success not only in the courtroom, but also at the negotiating table.  Working as a team, our sex crimes attorneys know how to present compelling information that can lead to plea agreements on reduced charges, and even outright dismissals.  We do this by independently assessing each case, and utilizing local resources such as treatment providers, polygraphers, and psychosexual evaluators to offer mitigating information to both prosecutors and judges.  We work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for our sex crimes clients, even if that means a resolution short of trial.

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