Since 2007 the Deschutes County Circuit Court, in collaboration with the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office and Deschutes County Parole and Probation, has offered a unique deferred sentencing program for eligible persons charged with certain crimes involving domestic violence.  What this means is that if you, a friend, or family member is charged with a domestic violence crime in Deschutes County, the charge could be dismissed after successfully completing the program.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney to help counsel you on your options and set you up for success should you or a loved one choose to take advantage of this program is absolutely critical.  Read on to learn more about this Deschutes County domestic violence program:

Domestic Violence Deffered Sentencing Program (DVDSP)

The Deschutes County Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program (DVDSP) requires entering a plea of guilty plea to an alleged crime, then agreeing to program conditions that are imposed by the court and supervised by a representative from the probation department.  Conditions typically include, but are not limited to, a Batterer’s Intervention Program, a substance abuse evaluation and treatment program, parenting courses, mental health treatment or counselling, anger management, abiding by no-contact orders and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.  Program conditions vary depending on the circumstances of each case.

However, participation comes at a cost, and having the right defense attorney by your side to counsel you on your options is critical.  Upon any violation of program rules or alleged noncompliance of program conditions, the District Attorney will request that the participant is revoked from the program and formally sentenced on the charge.  Sentences on these charges are often severe, and before you are revoked you do have the right to a hearing.

Am I eligible for DVDSP?Your domestic violence attorney needs to have extensive experience and knowledge of not only crimes involving domestic violence, but also a successful history of navigating the ins and outs DVDSP, and experience with the parties and processes involved.  At the Donahue Law Firm, our team of attorneys provide just that. A team that includes a former Deschutes County Deputy DA who served as their primary domestic violence prosecutor, and represented the State in DVDSP proceedings.

We would be proud to counsel you, or someone you know facing a domestic violence charge, on all of the available options so the best possible decision can be made for everyone involved.

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