Arson in the first degree is committed when a person starts a fire or causes an explosion and intentionally causes damage to the property belonging to that person or someone else, recklessly places someone in danger, or causes physical harm to another person or a firefighter. When someone is manufacturing methamphetamine and a fire or an explosion is caused and damage to property occurs, that person also committed arson in the first degree. Arson in the first degree is classified as a Class A felony and could result in up to 90 months in prison. Arson in the second degree is classified as a Class C felony. Reckless burning, which is when a person causes damage to the property of someone else, is classified as a Class A misdemeanor.

Examples of arson include using firecrackers or bottle rockets that unintentionally set a house on fire, burning brush that sets a house on fire, or setting a building on fire with the intent of obtaining insurance money. At Donahue Law Firm, we have years of experience fighting such cases and know the best methods and techniques. In many cases, we will fight to show that the fire, explosion, or damage caused was not intentional. If someone was harmed by the fire or explosion, reckless burning or arson in the second degree, whether it was intentional or not, can be aggravated to arson in the first degree.

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