1. DUII – D is for Driving. What does it mean to drive?

      In Oregon, the “D” in the acronym DUII, stands for driving. More specifically, driving a vehicle. Surprising, isn’t it? It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist, or a criminal defense lawyer to tell you what most people already know: You have to be driving something to get a DUII. But what does “driving” mean, legally speaking? Many people think so long as the car…Read More

  2. Part II: DUII – UI is for “Under the Influence”

      In the first installment of our series on What DUII Means in Oregon, we covered the term "driving" and what it takes to be found driving for the purposes of an Oregon DUII. In this second installment we ask, “What does it mean to be 'under the influence'?" First, some housekeeping: "Under the influence" implies you must be under the influence of something — in this …Read More

  3. Oregon DUII Defined – Driving a Vehicle. What Does Vehicle mean?

    For the purposes of Oregon DUII law, a person must be driving a vehicle to be charged with a DUII. So, what constitutes a vehicle? It shouldn’t come as a shock that vehicles include cars and trucks and motorcycles and things of that nature — motor vehicles. But did you know that a DUII may also apply to boats under ORS 830.325. What about everything else a person can r…Read More

  4. How to Stop Your Friends From Drinking and Driving

      Let’s be honest, it can be challenging keeping a friend, family member or co-worker from making a decision like drinking and driving. After a couple of drinks, judgement can be impaired, and even when we think we are okay to drive, we may not be. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to reason with a person under the influence who is insistent they are well enough to drive.…Read More