1. Man arrested for drinking and driving

    How BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is Measured

    According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, one drink is equivalent to 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor (40% alcohol), 12 ounces of beer (4.5% alcohol) or 5 ounces of wine (12% alcohol.) But just how many drinks does it take to reach 0.08%? In a city such as Bend, where beers tend to be much higher than 4.5% alcohol, you have to know what contributes …Read More

  2. Getting In An Accident After You’ve Been Drinking

    Being involved in an accident is never a fun experience. Whether it was a small fender bender or a wreck that resulted in severe injuries, accidents can lead to large expenses, increased insurance rates, and even criminal charges depending on what led up to the moment of the wreck. If you have been involved in an accident and you had consumed alcohol beforehand, things can…Read More

  3. Can A Cop Search My Car?

    When you see the cherries and berries flashing in your rearview mirror, it is important that you know what your rights are during a roadside stop. While being pulled over can feel like a stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be if you know what to expect. Make sure that you are ready to handle your next roadside stop with these tips about your rights when you’re pul…Read More

  4. How To Prevent Getting A DUI

    Getting a DUI is far more than just a nuisance. Depending on the severity of your charge, you could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines, as well as probation, community service, the loss of your driver’s license, and even time in jail. This charge can also lead to difficulties down the road in finding jobs and potentially even rental housing. Here at our DUI …Read More

  5. How To Prepare For Your First Court Date

    When you are facing a criminal charge, nothing about the process feels fun. Whether the charge is for a minor offense or you are facing felony charges, our team is here to help you every step of the way. When you need a criminal defense attorney in Bend who will fight aggressively for your rights, reach out to the team at Donahue Law Firm. We will work with you from the ve…Read More

  6. Five Surprising Times You Might Be In Danger Of A DUI And Not Know It

    You were out partying with friends and consumed your fair share of alcohol. Feeling the effects of one too many wine coolers, you decide to be responsible and call yourself an Uber. After all, you know you are too intoxicated to get behind the wheel. As a responsible adult, these are the scenarios we imagine when we think about how to avoid being charged with Driving Under…Read More

  7. DUII – D is for Driving. What does it mean to drive?

      In Oregon, the “D” in the acronym DUII, stands for driving. More specifically, driving a vehicle. Surprising, isn’t it? It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist, or a criminal defense lawyer to tell you what most people already know: You have to be driving something to get a DUII. But what does “driving” mean, legally speaking? Many people think so long as the car…Read More

  8. Part II: DUII – UI is for “Under the Influence”

      In the first installment of our series on What DUII Means in Oregon, we covered the term "driving" and what it takes to be found driving for the purposes of an Oregon DUII. In this second installment we ask, “What does it mean to be 'under the influence'?" First, some housekeeping: "Under the influence" implies you must be under the influence of something — in this …Read More

  9. Oregon DUII Defined – Driving a Vehicle. What Does Vehicle mean?

    For the purposes of Oregon DUII law, a person must be driving a vehicle to be charged with a DUII. So, what constitutes a vehicle? It shouldn’t come as a shock that vehicles include cars and trucks and motorcycles and things of that nature — motor vehicles. But did you know that a DUII may also apply to boats under ORS 830.325. What about everything else a person can r…Read More

  10. How to Stop Your Friends From Drinking and Driving

      Let’s be honest, it can be challenging keeping a friend, family member or co-worker from making a decision like drinking and driving. After a couple of drinks, judgement can be impaired, and even when we think we are okay to drive, we may not be. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to reason with a person under the influence who is insistent they are well enough to drive.…Read More