1. What to Know About Client-Attorney Privilege

    Whether you heard it watching Law & Order or Breaking Bad, or read about it in a John Grisham book, people in real life and in fiction toss the phrase “attorney-client privilege” around now and then and the user may not fully understand what it means. In this post, we’ll be discussing what attorney-client privilege means, when it’s applied, and more. At Donahue…Read More

  2. Creating a Relationship With Your Lawyer

    No one expects to need a criminal defense attorney, but whether it’s a DUI or a domestic violence offense, when the need arises, it’s essential that you find an aggressive attorney who will fight hard for your rights. When you do choose a defense lawyer, the process of understanding the details of the case, scheduling court hearings, going to trial, and all of the litt…Read More

  3. All You Need to Know About Probation

    After going through the process of court hearings and potentially a trial, first-time convicted offenders or defendants who are convicted of low-level or non-violent crimes are sometimes given the option to serve probation rather than a jail sentence. This allows the offender to continue living at home as long as he or she follows the terms and conditions of the probation …Read More

  4. Pros and Cons of Court-Appointed and Private Attorneys

    As per the Miranda Rights, anyone who is arrested for any reason has the right to a criminal defense attorney, and if they can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed for them. Anyone who is facing criminal charges will want the best attorney possible to represent their case. But for many people, the thought of hiring a public attorney can be overwhelming. While many…Read More

  5. Am I Too Drunk to Drive?

    If you went to college (or even a fun-loving high school), attended a holiday party, New Years party, or went out to dinner with a loved one, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself “Am I too drunk to drive?” The simple and straightforward answer to this should be an obvious “Yes.” However, many new 21-year-olds are heading out to have a good time not reall…Read More

  6. Distracted Driving: How to Avoid it and Penalties For a Conviction

    Anytime you get in the car there will be distractions, whether it’s a simple trip to the grocery store, school, work, or a longer road trip across many states. However, every time you get in the car it’s important to have an understanding of how to avoid the distractions. When you let your mind wander, you grab for your phone, or you take a bite of a burger, there’s …Read More

  7. What is the DUI Process in Bend, OR? Part II

    In our previous post, we discussed the DUI process, including from the time you were arrested to the arraignment. This process can be overwhelming and without the right representation, these steps can be confusing and difficult to manage. The average person rarely has the necessary knowledge or experience to go to court and face a judge alone. If you were charged with a DU…Read More

  8. What is the DUI Process in Bend, OR? Part I

    We realize that drinking at a party may seem harmless — up until the point when you can’t decide if you’ve had too much to be able to drive. And if you do decide that you are “OK” to drive, do you know what the process of being pulled over, arrested, and going to court involves? Before you get in the car after you’ve been drinking, making that decision could be…Read More

  9. Fighting Off Holiday Depression

    While the holidays are usually a time for family gatherings and joyful celebrations, for many of us, they become sources of depression and sadness. Seeing family and friends can trigger certain traumas or memories for us that can throw us into a downward spiral. According to UC Davis Health*, commonly caused reasons of holiday depression are: Time Change Increased Alcohol …Read More

  10. Why You Should NOT Defend Yourself in Court

    Regardless of the charges against you, whether it’s a small traffic ticket or a felony charge that could have significant jail time and fines, defending yourself in court is generally not a good idea. Sure, there could be stories out there about people spending a day or two cramming in the library and pulling it off in the end, surprising everyone involved in your case, …Read More